Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Today, I Fell In Love with My Ipod

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: Big deal! A lot of people love their Ipod.

As you may recall, I got my Ipod for free thanks to some very generous friends and readers of mine. But, nothing is free, eh friends? In fact, upon receiving my easily scratched portable music device, I went out and spent a good $130 on accessories. Admittedly, now I am able to see into the future, but still, a chunk of change.

In fact, I was doing my fair share of Ipod shit-talking, as I knew that had I had spent $300 on it, I would have been dissatisfied. For one thing, the battery life sucks -- 4, maybe 5 hours, before it needs to be charged, which frankly is inexcusable for the price.

But today, today is when I fell in love with my Ipod. There I am, walking along Wall Street, on a shockingly beautiful day here in New York, when I decide to "shuffle" my songs up. After all, my Dom DeLuise playlist was wearing me out. I needed a change.

It was as if the white, douchebaggy stereobuds grew tiny antennaes that reached into my subconscience, releasing its hooks Total Recall-style, and tapping into exactly what I was in the mood to hear. So, while the tourists were snapping their photos and the money makers paving the streets with poor man's gold, I was a tip-tappin my Teva flip-flop to the sounds of happiness, and sometimes, pain. (See #7)

The playlist:

1. "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough" by Obvs. B. Guilty. Does my Ipod watch the news or WHAT? I have to say, as nauseating as I find MJ, the moment I hear those bubbly violins doin' their thang at the opening, I pep up pronto.

2. "Islands in the Stream" by Dolly and Kenny

3. "Will I?" by Ian Van Dahl. I was sent throttling full speed behind to my Miami days, but really, nothing better to drive to than over the top, Eurotrashy techno.

4. "Passing By" by Zero 7.

5. "Que Pasa Contigo" Gorrillaz.

6. "Softly As I Leave You" by Matt Monro, Australia's version of Frank Sinatra, who really delivers. You probably recognize him from the theme song to "From Russia With Love", and, on second thought, you probably don't. He also sings a version of The Beatles' "Michelle" that makes me very to highly uncomfortable, like he's undressing me with his velvety smooth vocals.

7. (And I swear to God on this) "The Different Strokes Theme Song" by Amazing Face Jones.

Also, I found a dollar on the street. Long live this day.

Red pill or blue pill?

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