Wednesday, June 15, 2005

John Wayne Cracy

I'm feeling crazy today... how crazy? I'm on the verge of cutting every single pair of pants I own into bermuda shorts.

Why bermuda shorts?

They always start the party.

They have nightmarish posters advertising days devoted to them. You show me Skort Day, and I'll punch you in the face.

They flatter every body type.

They make for stylish and comfortable evening wear. Also, your crotch makes a statement.

Hell! Even Meshach Taylor wears em! (Check out the tiny lil' waist on that guy!)

All in all, along with this recent "cutting" obsession of mine, I am also debating cutting some side swept bangs. But I fear this blog has gotten tres personale all of a sudden, so lastly, I'll cut this post short.

But not before sharing this anecdote:

A very beautiful acquaintance of mine, Brooke, a real Southern Belle who renders men in New York speechless with her charm and looks, was recently dining at The Four Seasons, wearing a particularly revealing dress. She noticed a man standing across the room, an Orthodox Jew in full Hasidic garb, staring intently at her goods. Finally, an ice bucket with a bottle of Dom Perignon inside arrives at her table, with a note attached. The note read:

"I find your breasts intoxicating."

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