Monday, July 25, 2005

Speedy Feinstein

Would be my Loony Tunes name today.

OK busy busy. Couple of short notes, though:

1. I had the all time best celeb sighting in New York this weekend. He passed me, my eyes bulged, and no joke 2 seconds later my eyes were brimming with tears of joy. Here's a hint: He's the Appleton of my eye. Yes, that's right, Mark Linn Baker. Here's how he used to look:

Here's how he looks now:

...only on Sunday, on the Upper West Side where we passed each other, he was thrice the size of yesteryear and looked plenty PO'd.

2. Somehow found myself watching music videos very late last night. Here's one that totally rocked, and that I'm probably 20 years behind on: Weezer's Buddy Holly. Kidding. Nine Inch Nail's video for Only. If you're in your 20's, your hands will tingle throughout. Also, get your hands on Paul Anka's "Rock Swings." It'll make you long for high ceilings, a stool, and a really strong rope.

3. Finally, I posted a small tidbit about last night's episode of Six Feet Under over at TVGasm.

Sorry, folks, this is the best I could do today. I'll be back tomorrow with Plenty O'Tales, and maybe his Irish sister, Patty O'Furniture. (<--- That's what I'm talking about. You'd be getting pages of that today.)

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