Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Mike

So my dear friend Mike Barry turned 23 on 19.07.2005 (as a dirty European, i.e. Mike, would say), and I, so wrapped up in what I'm going to wear to next year's junior prom, forgot.

So today, I sent a little e-mail apologizing for my ineptitude, and promising to buy him a trough full of gimlet at his b-day party this Saturday night. Here's how the exchange went down:
ps Mike I'm a bad friend cause i didn't call you on your birthday. I think i might be pregnant.

Kidding but figured that was a good excuse for not calling you.

I will call you. Today.

And the response:
michelle: i'm actually sorry for you that you didn't call me on my bday. all callers that sent me birthday wishes within the 24-hour timeframe received a giftbag from my publicist, which included:
bvlgari watches
miu miu by diane von furstenberg dog collar necklaces
one giant lindt truffle, filled with money and chocolate ganache, but mostly money
a capsule that, when opened over a candle and inhaled, gives eternal peace of mind
the tiniest ipod in the world, which holds one television theme song of your choice, and no more.

My television theme song would be "The Happening" by Diana Ross. Download it, listen to it, then toss your hat up in the air, spin around, and pass out from the fumes.

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