Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mid-Week Pick Me Up

By "pick me up", I refer, of course, to an "owl talon-napping a puppy":

In other Owl/Dog Related News, yook at dees: A dog has befriended an OWL!

Taken a few days ago at 11 a.m.:

Dog seems pretty down with the friendship. Owl's expression not so easy to read...

By 3 p.m.:

Dog's expression has now morphed into helplessly annoyed/terrified/verge-of-a-freak-out. Owl's expression remains unchanged.

Friendship proves a real hoot

A bizarre relationship between two very unlikely partners has left a few feathers ruffled in one Shropshire household.

Boobah has struck up a friendship with Hazel.

The Ward family, from Shrewsbury, were baffled when two-year-old German shepherd Hazel and newborn burrowing owl Boobah struck up a firm friendship.

Hazel recently gave birth to two puppies and has now adopted the baby bird as one of her own.

Owners Stuart and Caroline Ward said the pair have become inseparable and the owl enjoys nothing better than to take a ride around the house on Hazel’s head.

Mr Ward said: “The owl now spends most of its time flat out on top of the dog or walking around on Hazel’s head.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA in Shropshire said friendships between dogs and birds were almost unheard of, as they would not normally meet.

You know what I'm super psyched for? The offspring this relaysh is sure to produce:

Aww... You know what would be sooo cute? If you kept this owl-pup in the same crib with a human baby... Because if there's one adage that has held true throughout the ages, it's that babies love monsters.

See original article here. (Thanks Dong!)

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