Tuesday, November 08, 2005

OK Kids, Juxtapose For The Camera

Aaaand, got it!

I also want to shout out a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Gonorreah!

In the news: Gonorrhea Rates Fall but Other STDs Rise

And, on a related note:


Funny, her Franken-nipple doesn't look a day over "partially digested chewing tabacco".

We knew you had it in you! And by "it", I mean G-G-G-Goooooonorreahhhhh.

p.s. I would highly recommend you avoid both of the above cakes. It would be like hitting the last note to a melody on a piano given to you by Yosemite Sam. That means you'll be asking for trouble. And nothing spells trouble like an undecipherable metaphor.

And nobody spells trouble like Vanna White.

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