Thursday, October 27, 2005

Total Redump

This post has no theme, other than the theme of GETTING THINGS OFF MY CHEST. A mental mastectomy, if you will. Tasteless? Obvs.

- Let's start with this video, a montage of FUNNY CATS. (From the deliriously addictive Cityrag)

Aww, isn't that cute? He's trying to claw my eyes out.

- From the same video website (which really has a lot to offer) it's THE CRAZY CAKE LADY. Starts off kinda funny, then gets Hilarie Swank.

Wyeth Painting? Or CCL? (Crazy Cake Lady)

- Another video! This is an e-card sent to my friend Gabe by his lovely mother. I assume she didn't realize before sending it that this turkey-whore is begging for it in the ass.

If you have an erection right now, you might be a redneck. Or a turkey.

- Has anyone noticed that the theme music for the Zathura trailer, a movie intended solely for children, is the theme song to Requiem For A Dream? Really makes me chuckle when I hear it. Also, have you ever noticed that the Rudy theme song is in every movie trailer, ever ever? You can thank Jerry Goldsmith for that, and 398 other things. Total Recall AND Six Degrees of Separation? We are kindred spirits, Mssr. Goldsmith.

What am I even talking about? Kids'll LOVE HER!

- My Total Recall shout out reminds me to tell you that I'm currently reading The Short Stories of Phillip K. Dick. Some hits, some misses, but when they're hits, expect to check your ass crack for wiring.

OMG, today would have been so perfect for my "Bad Hair Day" hat! Oh, no, no... I mean... twoooo weeeeeeks.

- Last thing: Two things really: 1. Does anyone have Tuesday nights episode of Amazing Race on tape, or, dare I ask, DVD? An earnest plea: I'm dying to see it.

- Actual last thing: Is anyone driving from New York to Boston and back for Thanksgiving? Or looking to hack my body up into a million pieces? I need a ride! Am willing to pay you in cash or 4-hour singing marathons. Oh, and I'm good.

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