Monday, October 17, 2005

This Season's Hottest Halloween Costume

Has Got To Be

Anderson Cooper in Blackface.

Sigh.... those eyes!

[tip via Eli L.]

UPDATE: I posted this at 2 am last night... inappropes? If the fact that my stomach sank this morning the moment I woke up is any indication... shyah! So I'm amending my previous thoughts with the ACTUAL hottest Halloween costume of 2005: Anderson Cooper as Alex Trebek!

What is Classy-Ass? The University of Classy-Ass?

(via perhaps the best secret internet find of all timesies, The Jeopardy Archive)

DON'T WORRY ALEX! You're still #1!

These two should go on the road as a newly vamped "Salt N' Pepa".

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