Monday, October 17, 2005

That Not-So-Fresh-Prince Feeling

Here's a pic of me at work when one of the other lowly assistants is on vacation:

It's what experts and fashion-forward types call "busy face."

Or is my exhaustion caused instead by an e-mail thread going around between friends over this year's Halloween costume choice: Dressing up as the cast of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"? Some highlights:

How it began:

"I'd like to officially announce that Adam Shapiro and I will be masquerading as Hillary and Carlton Banks, respectively, from the smash hit television show, "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," this Halloween. That leaves the roles of the staunch but game "Uncle" Phil Banks, the smolderingly deadpan family butler, Geoffrey, the sassy woman of the house, Vivian Banks, the innocent and amenable young Ashley Banks, and of course the eponymous sovereign himself, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. "Nicky" Banks, the pube-headed mute toddler added to the show in 1994, will not be included in this group, however the choice Disk Jockey Jazzy Jeff, a particularly athletic role, will certainly be available for any courageous reveler with the appropriate track suit and jewels." -- Jules, The Bruni Digest Editor

"I'm willing to be Jazzy Jeff if you can find a giant to constantly pick me up by the collar and throw me out of the bar..." -- Michelle, Resident Gy-Gy (Giant, Not Gyno)

"I would make the cutest Uncle Phil." -- Lang, Resident Tie-Tie

"Wai Wai Wait -- Can I go as BOTH moms?!?!? Remember, there were TWO Vivians? Like two face from Batman???" -- Michelle, Resident Re-Re

"What about Trevor?!?!?!" -- Chloe, Splainin 2 Do

"Who's Trevor?" -- Jules, Exactly

"Trevor was Hillary's amazing fiance...I believe he was a NEWS ANCHOR who fell out of a window and died." -- Chloe, an actual news anchor (or almost one)

"I am under the impression that he died while bungee jumping. There's also a chance that he proposed to Hillary mid-fatal dive." -- Sarah, i.e. Ms. Clara Fication

"Not that I've seen that episode a brillion times, but he did in fact die while bungee jumping live on the 6 o'clock news and proposing to Hilary. Here's the script:
(the scene opens on hilary and family sitting in front of the tv. Hilary is wearing a full lace wedding gown, think Mariah Carey when she married Tommy Mottola)
(the screen goes blank, the family hems and haws and lies to hilary, who says something ditzy and snobby, i don't remember what)" -- Mike Barry, Rapper Name: Attention 2 De-Tail

I could go on and on, but instead head over to the quotes page on IMDB, where you'll find genius turd-nuggets like:
Carlton: [Carlton is practicing for solo in Easter Mass] Tell your pharoah, let my people *go*!
Will: [mocking Carlton] Tell your pharoah, let my cousin *grow*!

As my ancestors in the shtetl used to say, or so I imagine, "Bring the rake."

By far, the most confusing Google Image result... ever.

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