Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Phew! I can finally breathe easy knowing I've found this year's Halloween costume.

(From the crazily spooky Emma Peel Unmasks via Vegetarian Conspiracy)

ps While you're laughing it up, I'm on my deathbed. Also, head over to, which I can seriously vouch for is the "Best Challah in the World". The kind of challah that's like cake - better by itself. It's shipped from Zomick's in Cedarhurst, i.e. Capital of Jewtown, Long Island, and the bordering town to where my Grandparents live (Woodmere). In fact, all the baked goods here are drop dead good, esp. the Seven Layer Cake (I drool as I write), and very reasonably priced.

Don't believe me? Check out these two!

Also, click on "Who's the boss?" for a chuckle.

"Oh My God! I'm freakin' Hashem over heeah!"

Finally -- I'm going to Budapest for New Year's!!! I studied abroad there in college and haven't been back since 2001. And because I'm so cray-cray, I bought the ticket and started to weep. Any tips for New Year's happenings? I'm pretty sure I have a single, hilarious reader in Hungary -- get in touch!

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