Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Things That I've Been Meaning To Talk About

Movies I have watched recently that have caused me to either miss 8 hours of sleep, or another weekly tv series with which I am more involved:

Passenger 57*
The Truman Show

*While watching this the other night, I remembered that this was one of my favorite movies growing up. And now I know why: The superfluous Arsenio Hall references. Way to date yourself, 1992. Also, most people seem to think that this movie starred Halle Berry. That would be wrong. The biracial flight attendant here is played by Alex Datcher, better know for her sting as Special Agent Debra Cutler on "18 Wheels of Justice." Ms. Berry did play a biracial flight attendant in the movie Executive Decision with Kurt Russell, however, so you're not completely wrong. ps Another great film, albeit a severe lacking of Arsenio Hall jokes.

Things Which, When Found In My Salad, Make Me Undeniably Ill:

Kidney Beans
Cherry Tomatoes
Artichoke Hearts*
Cat Shit**
Too Much Feta
Chinese Noodles
Things That Are Too "Cold"
Spicy Things
Anything with flavor

*Note: I never learn my lesson with this one.
**I don't talk about 6th grade anymore. Too painful.

Enough lists... Isn't it a BEAUTIFUL DAY out today???


Got the post-Jewish New Year Blues? Come check me out October 5 at Galapagos. The info:

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