Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The 4:40's

Why is it that every day, exactly at 4:40, I have a nervous breakdown?

We will return to our regularly scheduled blogging program tomorrow. Unless I'm struck by some sort of genius idea this evening. It sucks too: My friend Mike and I spent all morning coming up with Pornos named after Broadway Musicals, and like ASSHOLES, we both closed our IM windows. Now, the only ones I can remember are the "Pro-Deucers" (not unrelated to "Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Shats!'"), "Phantom of the Cockera", "Bring in Da Boys, Bring in Da Spunk", "The Sound Of Pubic", and "You're A Good Fuck, Charlie Brown". On 78th thought, maybe it's best we leave that one to the digital underworld.

Take it sleazy, I'm about to slip into the 4:55 "Uncontrollable Urinings" and then go home and slip into something more comfortable.

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