Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Roe v. Wade

Q: What is President Bush's position on Roe vs. Wade?

A: He really doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans.

Courtesy of a dear friend's mother, Mrs. Liedman.

By the by, the above picture is President Bush posing with "Flat Stanley". Read all about their adventures here.

p.s. I had so much fun at The Rejection Show last night. It's so rare that a TWO HOUR comedy show can be funny from beginning to end, but Jon Friedman & Co. really pulled it off. I spoke with Bill Plympton after the show, and may have gone overboard in my praise... He was all "You did a great jo--" I was like "Don't speak! I have been a faaaan of yoouuuurs for yeeeeahs now!" And this is stone-cold sober, friends. He was very gracious, and drew me a little picture of a dog saying my name! I came home and placed it next to my MTV licensed Aeon Flux Venus Fly Trap©.

The New Yorker cartoonists, David Sipress and Arnie Levin, were hilarious, made funnier by the people in the back row who couldn't see the caption, relying instead on one woman to loudly read it to them... then they would all crack up in hysterical laughter. It was like the comedy Doppler effect.

And when my parents found out I would be performing on the same bill as Jackie "the Jokeman" Martling née Stern, it seemed like my quest to be a comic in this town suddenly made sense. He was a treat to watch, almost like a stand-up professor -- I felt like I shoulda been taking notes. Seemed like a geniunely nice guy. At one point in his rejection story, while thanking the host and complimenting the performers, he added "And the girl was fantastic..." ... People, I'M THE GIRL! I was thinking of adding a reviews section to my blog, and I am not above adding a quote from The Jokeman himself saying "And the girl was fantastic." Thankfully, I didn't introduce myself afterwards, so no horribly awkward stories to report back to you.

Next Rej. Show is October 18th. Organized people, mark your delightfully tabbed agendas.

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