Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sealed With A Prince

Prince Charles has made a shocking admission to the press this morning: As a young boy, Mssr. Charlie and the Queen Mum used to sing to seals laying on a cliff... where else, but in his Grandmother's backyard.

Here's a little textual innuendo as to how I picture a young Charles, singing oh so softly in the tiniest, castratto, British schoolboy voice:

Oh Sweet Little Seal
With your long, long whiskers,
Clapping your hands,
Along the choppy shore.

You smell like fish,
But you smile so greatly
You are the an-i-maw
I most adore.

Seal seal seal seal
seal seal seal seal
Mum I want one
One all my own

Mummy please get me one
They are my fav-o-rite
I'm a little prince
But I feel so alone.

Prince Charles pulling a Heidi Klum.

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