Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Quacky Ducks Played CBGB's??

As some of you may have heard, rock venue CBGB's finally lost its lease last night, after much ballyhoo to keep it open. Today, the New York Post has an article interviewing famous "rockers" (Sting being the lead interview, sarcasm quotes around "rockers" noted), and one in particular really gave me a laugh. That from the divine lips of Mssr. Tony Bennett:
"My sons had a band called the Quacky Ducks, and they would play there in the '70s. I was always at CBGB when they performed. One night, Bruce Springsteen was there, just to see what was going on. We hit it off and became very good friends. [But the condition of the club] was a shock to me. There was still a lot of glamour and things being nice and neat and comfortable back then - but this was a whole revolution! I still haven't gotten over it [laughs]. But my feeling is that they should really keep that place open, and there should be a chain [of franchises] around the country. Because there is no better teacher for any performer than an audience. You have to be in front of people, no matter how crummy the place." [laughs]

If I need to tell you the problem with having a CHAIN OF FRANCHISES of CBGB's, just forget about it -- grab yourself a bucket of Starbucks, jog over to the nearest Pottery Barn, and masturbate in one of their many delightful bedding ensembles. Try it out! They usually don't say anything.

Also: Quacky Ducks? That's punk right there, motherfucker.

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