Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Celebrity Fast Fowarding

Now I'd like to play a little game called... CELEBRITY FAST FORWARDING, where we see what young celebrities will look like when they get older. Today's celebrity is:


Here's a current pic of HoJO, with the band Eisley (via OhNoTheyDidnt):

Notice the handsome jaw-line, the Radiohead t-shirt, Gallagher-esque brows and warm glow.

Now let's fast forward a few years:

I gotta hand it to HoJO -- he's still got it!

And a coupla more years:

Wait, is this Haley as an old man, or a screencap from the finale of Six Feet Under? Zing! I'll tell you who ISN'T going to get an Emmy from SFU: the makeup department. Remember when Peter Brady played Benedict Arnold in the school play, and had the horrible bald cap on? Basically how every character looked during the last 10 mins. of Six Feet Under.

ps: Anyone have a Lime-Light registration code they want to share with me? It would greatly improve the hilarity-factor on this blog. Thanks ever so much.

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