Wednesday, August 24, 2005

R. Kelly Clarkson Is Actually Genius

Yup folks, after last week's Eminem mix-up, Google News has done it again:

Um... here's a guess to your question, Google: When she turned black?

After much rumination over this error, and following a very-Carey like "Finkle N' Einhorn" debacle at work, it hit me what Google is getting at: R. Kelly.... Kelly Clarkson.

R. Kelly Clarkson.

A hybrid so exciting it shoots a double-fisted middle finger at the Toyota Prius. R. Kelly Clarkson, folks, would be an unstoppable, showbiz juggernaut of such magnitude that they'd invent their own genre of music... one so powerful it could never be uttered by mere human lips.

And can you imagine what it would feel like to have Justin Guarini pee all over you? Magic, that's what.

You can't fake that kind of enthusiasm, folks.

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