Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Queen Finklestein Here

Part of my duties here at work, other than secretly cutting myself, are answering the phone. This morning, the following exchange occurred:

Me: Good Morning, Katz, Dogs and Katz, how can I help you?
Girl: Yes, may I please speak with Greg Smith?
Me: Sure, who may I say is calling?
Girl: Princess Rodriguez from Baker and Grant.
Me: Hold Ple -- Sorry what was your first name?
Girl: (mouth smack) Princess.
Me: Hold.

I e-mailed my friend Mike about it, this was his response:
Princess is a great name for my daughter, along with "Deucebaggia" and "Marsbarina."

Marsbarina enjoys her first birthday party the way kids should: By eating themselves into a glucose-driven coma.

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