Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Peek Inside My Comedy Notebook...

In prepping for tonight, I came across this doozie:

Character: Stand-Up Dramarian

"So, have you guys heard the one about the little boy in the coma? He had no chance of living... so his parents decided to UNHOOK THE MACHINE!"

Also, a sampling of things jotted down in the margins:

-random pubes
-Smear Factor
-Suicide Prevention Hotline: No noose is good noose.
-Cat Fancy?
-Dasani-one know what I mean?
-Here's a novel idea: The Grapes of Wrath.

This n' more (no relation to This N' More, RIP) tonight at 9... unless I kill myself before then which is a likely option for one who is no-doubtedly insane.

UPDATE: I totally left my notebook at the bar yesterday!! If anyone finds it, let me know. There's a beverage of some sort involved, and it may or may not be a Fuze. (Strong May Be) It's small, black, and has a humorous Ashton Kutcher sticker on it. Yes I'm that desperate that I just told the world about the Ashton Kutcher sticker.

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