Friday, August 19, 2005

Google News Needs To Face The Music

I know it's hard to admit, Google, I know it's gonna take you a long time... It's taken us all a while to confront.

But it's high time for a little reality check:

Eminem is a white man.

Not black.

We know, we know -- how could the country's best rapper be white??

It's exactly this kind of racism that lead to Eminem's exhaustion and pill dependancy in the first place.

ps. Has 50 Cent ever taken a more adorable, less threatening picture in his life? Look at that mug!

It's OK, 50. Eminem's going to a bigger and better place. Chin up ol' pal!

Still, nothing will sweep us off our feet with joy like when you gave us John Roberts on, Google.

Update: Gawker posted it, but didn't do a linkback... yes, I know I have no life, but I follow these things. Just know you saw it here first!

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