Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Apiary Hits A Homer

A great site all you comedy nerds should check out, The Apiary, posted this little ditty about my forgotten pun blog yesterday... After reading it's genius, I buzzed Chelsay Perettay , co-punner, who I'm guessing from the background noise was out on the town, and read her this genius... then we laughed and laughed. It's truly brilliant:
Archaeological Dig Uncovers Blog of Comedy Magnates

While clicking around on some links, we nervously found ourselves staring through a portal into the innermost thoughts of NYC comedy-blog heavyweights like Michelle Collins and Chelsea Peretti. Like a godfearing antiquarian discovering the lost Mesopotamian city of Akkad, we breathlessly trembled joyously amongst its ruins.


Punrise, Punset!

(With thanks to Nate)

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