Friday, September 02, 2005

Boston And Gay Pirates

My friend and I are being very un-American this weekend, renting a car, and driving to Boston. Don't dare ask me if the gasoline I'll be buying is necessary: If you've ever lived in New York, you know that leaving the city once every couple of months IS necessary. Sadly, as I'm not the golden age of 25 yet, I can't DRIVE the rented car, but I'll definitely yell at my friend on the highway and (spit three times) cause an accident. Kidding! (eek.) It's probably best this way -- last time I drove to Boston, I played "air saxaphone" to Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" and nearly caused the severe injury of a group of my closest friends.

Point is, my friend and I are looking for a fun day trip outside of Boston, somewhere other than The Cape. We were thinking Ipswitch, and Manchester-By-The-Sea. Last time, you guys were very helpful in steering me AWAY from the crack-vialed shore of Atlantic City in the direction of better beaches. So, today, I ask if you have any suggestions for fun day trips outside of Boston.

Also, are there any kick-ass outlet malls nearby? It's about time I pick up some new Eddie Bauer parachute pants. Thanks all, hope you have a great, stress-free weekend. (Stress-free I can imagine means not watching the news, which is nearly impossible eh?)

Oh, and if you're wondering what gay pirates have to do with this post, the answer is nothing: I just needed a quick and easy way to post the above picture.

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