Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The New York Times' Guide To Rampant, Anonymous, Public Gay Sex

Here's an article (sent to me promptly at 9 am by my new IM bestie and faggabouttown Mike) more apropos for, say, the Thursday's Style Section:

A Sex Stop on the Way Home

The article reads like the Fagat's Guide to Homo Public Parks (joke via the Will & Grace clip from the Emmy's that I'm sad to say had me chuckling).

Some things I learned: Married men are gay. Who knew! My favorite quote: "Some [married men] aren't getting it at home," the man added. "Some say, 'I'm not even gay. I'm just bored.'" Huh! I guess the good old days of substituting sex with Viagra-fueled, 4-hour-long Parcheesi games is "so 1950s" eh? It goes on: "You have judges, doctors, lawyers, firemen, cops, sanitation workers. You have guys coming here with totally normal lives, married with good jobs"...

The Village People were GAY???

Oh, thank god. My sources tell me they weren't gay... just bored! I know when I'm bored the first thing I do is strap on my assless leather chaps, grab a mic, and get to jazzercising. It's how I keep my figure. Can I get a Grapevine, people!?

While gay gatherings take many forms in ethnically diverse Queens, from the scene in Astoria Park to the gay bars serving Central and South Americans in Jackson Heights, many ethnic groups have strong taboos against homosexuality.

"You know, not everyone who's gay lives in Manhattan and runs in packs like 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.'"

The lesser-known but equally talented "Dirty Indian Gays Dancing Through Your Kitchen" has become an overnight success in random parking lots in New Delhi.

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