Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kinda Slow-han

Sometimes, I find myself on the end of a grapevine I’m not sure I belong on... like if one of the California Raisins had alzheimers and was wandering around the supermarket without any pants on, it would be me. Either way, I find it my civic duty to pass on this overall superficial, and yet still somehow endlessly fascinating, gossip.

Jared Leto -- remember him? The hotly brooding Jordan Catalano that all girls now in their 20’s used to lust after in their tweens. Mr. Leto, who makes for fine gossip rag fodder, has been linked with Lindsay Lohan in a number of different publications. What those publications didn’t tell you is that Leto thinks Lohan is a complete moron. A total twit. He doesn’t even like her. And yet, there she is, at all of his concerts (a true Renaissance man, he’s the lead singer of “30 Seconds To Mars”), acting like a complete diva and forcing herself on him. And even though Jar-Jar Kinks is 99 percent “hitting that sh*t”, his friends and crew are well aware of his disdain for the carrot-topped princess.

El fin.

On another note, isn’t it funny that America Online in England is, not EOL? Sigh.

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