Thursday, September 29, 2005

Because I Like To Give Back

Faithful readers know that it is a rare day I choose endorse a commercial website here... but I like to give back. Whereas J. Crew has gone out of their way to make my dream of wearing an orange bathing suit and pink flats to the pool more of an unrealized nightmare, another website went out of their way to provide top qual customer service. (p.s. I still havent gotten my J. Crew merch!)

That website is I ordered an iHome about 2 weeks ago, this spiffy new gadget that acts as both speakers and an AM/FM alarm to your iPod. I also got a remote at an additional charge. This website had the cheapest price online, and taken in with some crafty coupon Googling, I got it at a great price. When the remote arrived, some pieces had been broken inside and, sure enough, it was broken. I called the company expecting to have to put up a fight, but within 2 minutes, the guy who answered found my order and said "No problem, we'll ship a new one out today." 3 days later, I have a working remote, a non-working one (not completely true, some of the buttons work OK), and an iHome.

I would be happy to endorse the iHome as well, if it didn't randomly turn on sometimes in the middle of the night, startling me to whatever Clay Aiken song I had blasting from my portable pleasure device.

By the way, I haven't listened to radio in New York for ages upon ages upon ages. It still sucks! BUT I heard Mario Cantone on 103.5 this morning -- worth the price of the machine alone people. That bitch is fucking hysterical and maaaay or may not be rabid. Just like me! Hoorah. Swallowing your own saliva is soooo 1994.

ps Here's an interview with the woman who waxed me yesterday at Haven. Take a good look at her picture -- she knows me better than my future husband probably will. Nothing like getting your asshole waxed while recapping The Apprentice, eh? And at $18 for a forehead wax, it's a real steal. Yes they really do offer that there. But sorry fellas -- she doesn't wax balls!

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