Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Rabies Tipping Point?

You guys:

I think I may be responsible for making rabies cool/funny again.

To note:

1. I have it.

2. A friend and I discussed making a musical out of the ordeal called "Foam!: A Rabies Musical", until I discovered that there was already a "Rabies: The Musical" spoof online. My musical, of course, would be completely serious, and set in 1920's Paris.

3. I forward it to Screenhead, figuring it would make perfect fodder.

4. It does.

5. Now the Best Week Ever blog picks this shit up! (Uncredited, of course. Don't make me start pulling Stephanie Tanner quotes out of my 1987-lovin' ass, VH1!)

I think.... yes, I'm pretty sure...


Don't fuck with me, or I'll bust a rabies-infected cap in your saliva-swallowin ugly ass. Yeah, your Central System should be Nervous, bitch!

(thanks to Laura S. for the heads up!)

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