Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"The Jews Cut My Thumbs Off!"

May I introduce the Giselle Bundchen of the sign language world, who's name I'm guessing is "Bruce" or "Mos Def". The animated version is 100 times more hystericaller. Or if you like your irony... ironicaller... check this out. In "brunette" he's all "I'm sorry, what did you say? Let me tell you a secret." And in "Hanukkah", at first he's all "The Jews cut my thumbs off!", then he's all "JK! JK! See? They're right here!"... What a prick.*

You know what's better than waking up with a hangover before work? Waking up still a little inebriated. Don't worry, I still make copies like a sober-motherfucking-bitch-whore, I just over-hyphenate. The great news is, I don't feel like vomming!!.... Yet.

While I drink some of my Grandmother's specially-licensed Sobriety Tonic (read: Boilermakers and Schmaltz Herring), why don't you wisen up at peruse this week's New Yorker, specifically an engaging and hilarious article profiling Sarah Silverman. Love her or hate her, just love her. Also, Talk of the Town IM's our favorite SCOTUS nominee, Harriet Miers! If you're still bored, check out Screenhead, a site I freely lift material from.

Or, if it's music you're gunning for, why not take a listen to The Tender Trio, made-up of ex-Spacehoggy, Blind-Mellony people. I accidentally caught their set at Maxwell's (IN JERSEY!) Sunday night, and dragged a friend to hear them again last night. Let's get an album recorded guys, damn!

*I've just spent the last half-an-hour annotating the Sign Language site with a friend. I may just half to make a new feature here where we learn a sign language word-of-the-day, but figuring out what he's really saying.

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