Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Palette Cleanser

Just to let everyone know that I'm a good person. Reaaaally I ammmm.

(with thanks to the loveable GABE LIEDMAN friend and movie date 4 LYF.)

In the meantime, here's a quick movie review:

I saw Jarhead last night. So far, the reviews haven't been that great... which shocks me. I fucking loved it. And it's the perfect date movie! While the guys get riled up with all the macho b.s., the laydies can look forward to the Jekyl-n'-Hydian transformation of Jake Gyllenhaal, who looks like a different human being: One that you would gladly let date rape you. He was in my college class at Columbia for 2 years... and he was always cute... but good lord. I remember 2 things just now:

1. Whenever my friends and I would talk about him, we'd never utter his name, for fear he would possibly be standing nearby and overhear us fawning. So instead, we used the ultra-clever code name "Flake Fyllenhaal" (full disclosure: I went to Barnard, just in case you were wondering who Columbia was letting in these days -- but oh, how my New York Times wedding listing will shine, eh?)

2. I ALSO remember that we shared some very special looks with one another a handful of times, funny enough, every single time I was on my way to the gym. You have to understand something: I went to the gym aboooout 4 times my freshman year in college. So, cut to me in an XXXL Gap Athletic Tee and clingy-ass, too-short Adidas track pants, spotting "The Flake" approaching, and making my best face. It is amazing that he was able to resist my undeniable allure.

ANYWAY enough celeb recalling... the movie is visually arresting and surprising, not to mention, has a kick-ass soundtrack. Just see it.

THEN we made the mistake of sneaking into Wallace And Grommit -- not because the movie was bad, quite the opposite -- I was so exhausted, that a movie I would have otherwise been peeing my pants over ended up barely scratching my blood-shot surface. It's also a must-see, and for my exhausted ass, a repeat see.

Back to coherent blogging tomorrow, lingonberries crossed.

Jarhead: Almost as good as Jar Jar Head.

p.s. Then there's this movie, about a cryogenically frozen Drew Barrymore: Never Been Thawed.

A story about a 35-year-old retarded girl who goes undercover in the underworld, until a handsome young medical student learns how to bring her back to life... with love.

UPDATE: OMG I was just Google Image searching Jake Gyllenhaal, and look what came up:

K.D. Lang!! Do NOT donate this resemblance to your homeless shelter come Thanksgiving: It's UNCANNY!

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