Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ohhh I-Hiii Ohhhhh I'm Still Alive Yeaa-ee-yeah

Here's the deal:

I've had a rough week including illness, lots of professional duties to take care of, and planning my upcoming vacation. The result being, of course, that those 4 of you unlucky enough to be in the office this week have been pulling your hair out at the maddening lack of information on the web this week. Really -- it's been SO SLOW. Have you ever been fucked by a snail? SLOWER. But less painful. (It was a black snail.) (I went there, for no reason.)

OK! So here's the story: I'm leaving tonight on a 9-day journey to Budapest, my favorite city in Europe, the city I studied abroad in. Budapest is tops: If you ever wanted to get tanked for $1.47, it's one of the last places you can do it and still not get raped. (Fingers crossed, gentlemen.) It's also quite beautiful. You can read all about the Hungarian happenings at the well-informed and often hilarious blog, Pestiside.

Rumor has it a snowstorm is blowing through Europe, so there's a possibility I might be spending some time at the "Non-Shtop Internet Kah-Vay Has", which translates into "Overseas Blogging" for you and me.

Have a wonderful New Year's! I'll be back, pasty and full of winter stews before you know it.

p.s. This made my cry.

p.p.s. While I'm away, I'd really appreciate it if someone would create a James Rebhorn fansite. I'm on a real "Rebhorn Kick" these days, and I believe this fine actor deserves a little personal attention. Let me know how the site is progressing next week. Thx.

p.p.s. I've also been on a major Independence Day movie kick. Read the quotes here and the trivia here. Favorite trivia?: As is the case with many 20th Century Fox Films, the film cans for the advance screening prints and show prints had a code name. Independence Day was "Dutch 2".

Oh, how I wish ih-twere true.

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