Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Hate To Be A Buda-Pest...

OK so it's 10 after 7 in Budapest, and I'm a little tipsy following 2 Bacardia Breezers and a few games of bowling with my Buda-bestie Annie (what can I say? It's raining here and the only movies playing in English are the Reese Witherspoon dead ghost love story (she's a ghost who falls in love) or Domino, about a British chin with a gun and no hair (Keira Knightley)).

AAAAANYWAY, am having a wonderful time here, and have many many a funny story to share (including nearly being beaten with a cane in a Burger King -- obvies, I deserved it)... but the real reason I write is to alert you to something very exciting...

My first quote in the New York Times!

Trying to Make Some Sense of That Syrupy Scent. Why? It's Thursday. by Jonathan Miller

I'm pretty psyched that 1. I'm quoted as hating New Jersey and 2. My address is given. It's T Minus 3 Days until I'm murdered on my doorstep (I get back on Saturday, "goons"), but TOTES worth it.

Air kisses and paprikas dreams,

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