Thursday, February 09, 2006

You Better Luge Yourself

Guys, quick reminder:

Only one day left (!) to surprise me with roundtrip airfare to Turin, Italy in time for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics beginning tomorrow night! Tickets to the Ceremonies wouldn't hurt your chances either.

Come ON people I know there are billionaires out there reading this blog right now, just DYING to wine and dine a complete and, frankly, awkward stranger they've never met. But think about -- I'll totally cross-link your blog as a thank you!

Take a look at what our souvenir pictures from Turin, Italy could look like if you sponsor my trip over there:

Here's you and me in the rain in Turin.

Here we are taking a standard Italian portrait! One day our grandkids are gonna look at this and think we're real "fuddy-duddies" - am I right?

Here's me asking you for a divorce.

Oh no! We got into a car crash! In Italy!! Oh the times. Collect $200 and Pass Go.

Here's us on the luge.

The point is, doesn't this look like fun!? And all it takes is about $50,000 in airfare, hotel, olympic tickets, personal autograph signing with Scott Hamilton, and gear -- tons of red, white, and blue, authentic, limited edition gear.

Who's with me? Let me know by e-mail, or as always, Myspace.

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