Friday, May 12, 2006

Everybody... Just... Calm... Down.

Good God. Never in my life did I think that posting a SESAME STREET clip would lead to the influx of angry mail piling up in my "Bulk folder" (also my euphamism for my stomach.) A sampling:
Did you know the first Gordan was fired for smoking pot and David killed himself and one time I met Maria and she's really pretty and OH YOU BITCH! I'm a 37 yr old middle school teacher & now I have to explain to my 8th graders why im all teary eyed & shit.

I didn't know that. Good luck teaching Trig today & shit.

man, i totally thought i was over that whole Mr Hooper death thing. and now you went and made me cry at work. Youtube: bringing back all the horrific TV memories of childhood. nice.


You should have seen me in my cubicle after the Tsunami. I'd watch the videos on my lunch break, and people would walk by while I'd be sitting under my desk, weeping, and rocking myself back and forth, clutching a baby tiger. I was a wreck.

Well, you did it. After making me laugh so many times, you finally made me cry. A lot. For the record, here's a complete list of things (apart from my own experiences) that have previously made me cry:

1. It's A Wonderful Life;
2. Lee Scoresby's death scene in His Dark Materials.

Richard, Dublin

I don't know that second one, but Lee Scoresby must've been a great guy.

Subject: Damn You, You Bitch, Michelle Collins
I'm guessing you enjoy torturing us. There is no other explanation for your posting of the death of Mr. Hooper. All of my Sesame Street memories are filled with laughter, love, and the letter L. I apparently blacked during the death of Mr. Hooper, sublimating my despair into martinis and cigs. Seeing Maria cry as she tried to explain it all to Big Bird was horrible. Bless you for being funny, but damn you for posting that.


I was soupes-town offended, up until the "Dee-Doo"-ing. Then I laughed. Why the clip opened with that little "Dee-Doo" segnment I'll never really understand. (Update: Aha. "Just because." I get it now. I must have been too swallowed in my own grief to notice. Stil the dee-doo-ing is laughable.)

AAAAAnywho, while I spend today hammering protective spiked boards into my front door to keep out the predators, let me make it up to all of you for watching that yesterday. Sometime this weekend, take 30 minutes of your day and devote it to the following video, "Heat Vision and Jack." From Wiki: Heat Vision and Jack was a proposed 1999 comedy/sci-fi television show starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Ron Silver. Christine Taylor guest starred in the pilot episode, the only episode filmed. The show was directed by Ben Stiller. I saw it moons ago, but haven't in the past couple of years and it still remains the funniest thing around.

"Wow this is a really beautiful house. Your grandmother must have been really rich."

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