Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Heights of Exhaustion

You may be wondering where your daily blog fix is at here at You Can't Make It Up. Truth is, it's still rollin' around in the ol' tinker-toy up top. I've got a few ideas, but here's the thing: I am so exhausted, that I am on the major verge of passing out. You know the term "So tired you can't see straight"? I get it now -- my eyes are crossing against my own will. I'm usually pretty perky after 19 x-large Dunkin Donuts coffees and 14 vials of top notch koka-yee-nay (ps I'm totals Xstraight edgeX forevs), but today I look Droopy following a Gus Van Sant marathon. So tired, that I realize this entire paragraph makes zero sense.

How tired am I?

I shit you not, this picture made my cry.

Ima take a nap, and see if I can hammer something out before midnight. Your patience is appreciated during this difficult time.

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