Friday, June 30, 2006

Bear with me....

Oh, man, that title joke = classic!

Too crazy too too too too too crazy to blog right now ya'll!!!! I have like 15 posts saved as "drafts" because I haven't had a moment to sit down and chitter.

Howevs, we will return to regularly scheduled HILARIOUS OBSERVATIONS ON LIFE AND BEYOND © next Weds. I seriously look like a crazy, strung out beggar from my recent lack of sleep and running around. But, heading to Portland, Mainy for a nice, calming break, where I will take all of my aggression out on cracking open lobster claws and stabbing locals in the heart with the remaining shell.

Landing in my inbox: The worst nerd-euphemism for sex.

And also, thanks to Newport News, where I read up on all the breaking stories related to stirrup pants and lace-and-denim vests, I will be "Building My Own Bikini" for the weekend:


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