Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Funniest Infomercial of All Time

There are benefits to being wrapped up in a horrible sleep pattern: Catching the infomercials that run anywhere between 2 to 6 am in the morning.

But this, ladies and henteelhombres, this may be the funniest, most sexually-undertoned informercial yet: The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express. Not since Kobe Bryant has an athlete's "Hot Dog Express" raised so many questions. It almost seems to be a parody of itself. From the opening, where we see the "wrong" way to make hotdogs (the camera cuts to a plate full of steaming, exploded turds in a microwave), to the words that pop-up on screen (Smokies! Warm and Ready!; Pancakes!!!), to the testimonials (including a man who says "when i took the first initial bite it was a great big pop and then a burst of juices rushed into my mouth and it was delicious"), to the very charming Deion standing like an animatronic product-whore holding BBQ tongs... well, what can I say... technology amazes. Now you can make your very own shitty, cold, greasy movie theater hotdog in the privacy of your own trailer.

Watch the clip. Then grab a dog -- it'll make you hungry. Seriously, when was the last time juices sploded in your mouth?


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