Friday, March 04, 2005

Simon Le Clown

I'm not sure what's come over me today, but I'm in one of those heart NYC big-time moods where I just want to buy tickets to all kinds of events.

One event that I've put off buying tickets to for a while is the Duran Duran concert in April at MSG. I was lucky enough to catch their concert at Jones Beach a few years ago (for free, natch, although I got the tickets in exchange for driving a van full of retarded people to the concert along with me), and the show was un. believable. When the first couple of chords to Ordinary World were strummed, I started weeping. That song was the only thing that got me through nine very awkward middle school years.

So I search Ticketmaster, and do I find Duran Duran? No. What I do find is this:


Which got me to thinking - what if Duran Duran reinvented themselves as like... Gallagher? What if Simon Le Bon was hacktually Howie Mandell?

I'll tell you what. The world would be a fucking amazing place, that's what. By the by, if you have an extra ticket, hook a bitch up.

Here's the actual man behind the amazing name, Hilario Duran. By the way, his cellie number is on his main site. Seems like Sr. Duran is looking for some company.

Take one look at that sweater and tell me you don't want to know more.

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