Thursday, February 24, 2005

Google Searches are Like Rorschach Tests

Because they tend to reveal the truly insane.

We've already been around the block when it comes to unusually odd search terms. But take this latest Google Search that someone used to access this site:

Now at first, I thought someone had plugged a clever little saying (or "CLS") into this engine to access my genius (for example, someone recently signed off their e-mail to me with the CLS "Plant Ya Now, Dig Ya Later", which I thought was brill.)

But the more I thought about it, the more cartoon steam poured out of my ears. Because A. Friends are not like buttons at all, and B. How do buttons bring you down and up? Now, "Friends are like elevators", that I can see. But buttons?

Here are some sayings that make 9000 percent more sense:

- Friends are like buttons, they hold your clothes together.

- Friends are like buttons: Sometimes they fall of your coat and you have to buy a whole new coat cause of that one lousy button.

- Friends are like buttons fly jeans: you won't get your crotch caught in them.

- Friends are like buttons: JK, They're Totally More Awesome Than A Fucking Button.

Button's a pretty funny word when you think about it. Awww, look how sad this lil' button is:

Also, this hilarious blog called Query Letters I Love, documenting one man's descent into movie madness.

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