Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The O.C. III - Revenge of the Seth

Ladies and gentlemen, the heavens have opened, and on March 10, for the first time ever, painfully awkward nerds and good-looking jocks/trophy sluts will have to be at the same place, at the same time: In front of a television. For on March 10, the Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith trailer will air for the first time... during The O.C. on Fox. Yes, go on the ultimate journey, Epcot Center style, from the deepest cranny of Peter Gallagher's lucsiously thick brows, flowing equine and free, to the steamy, mildewy rainforest that is Darth Vader's scrote. (Honestly, how does it breathe through that latex armor?)

This is a genius move on George Lucas' part. For what better way to ruin ever geek's wet dream then to air it in between a show featuring the very same people who kicked the shit outta those very same geeks in high school and beyond? Sure, Seth is "nerdy", livin' it up in his beach front mansion, dating the prettiest girl in school, providing comic relief for a hit TV show, and looking like a fallen pop star. Everyone knows good fortune doesn't descend Nerddom until at LEAST 25 years of age.

p.s. Star Wars comes out May 19, coincidentally also the birthday of Nora Ephron, director of the movie Lucky Numbers, or as the Spanish insist on calling it, Combinacion Ganadora, a title insinuating the STD fireworks that could only be Travolta-Kudrow. I got ganadora on my last trip through Thailand, and take it from me, it's no vaginal cakewalk.

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