Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bobby Brown is On Crack, Part 415,741: Bri Bri McKnight on Tour

A reliable source IM'd me some very reliable tales certifying Bobby Brown's insanity. I was dying laughing (as evidenced by many a "hahaha"), and had to share:

Friend: umm, can i tell you some insane bobby brown stories
Friend: so brian mcknight is on tour with new edition
Friend: which already, hilarious
MichCollinz: HAHAHAH
MichCollinz: LORD
Friend: so, ps, bobby brown really is a crack head
Friend: not just a rumor
Friend: anwyays, they are playing madison square garden, and bobby brown shows up
Friend: and the bands get strict orders not to let him take the mike
Michelle: oh. no.
Friend: but the bands are like, what they hell are we supposed to do if he grabs the mike?
Friend: so new edition is out there, dancing, singing, bobby brown is over backstage watching
Friend: he runs out, grabs the mike, and starts to sing
Friend: and like, fake dance
MichCollinz: WHAT!
Friend: totally making fun of the band
Friend: like, insane
MichCollinz: hahahaha
Friend: k
Friend: i have a nother one
Friend: so, another time, like, maybe in vegas or somewhere
Friend: bobby brown is there AGAIN
Friend: and brian is performing, and he's performing Kiss, by prince
Friend: he does covers, apparently
Friend: and bobby runs out in the middle, and GRABS THE MIKE FROM BRIAN
Friend: and the band just STOPS
MichCollinz: OMG I AM DYING
MichCollinz: HAHAH
Friend: like, what the hell are we supposed to do now
Friend: bobby brown is SINGING KISS
Friend: by prince
MichCollinz: go on
Friend: and brian mcknight is just sort of staring at him like, ok brother, do your thing
Friend: and the band keeps playing
Friend: and brian's people are like, should we drag him off stage?
Friend: and they come out and grab bobby and are taking him off stage, and he BREAKS AWAY FROM THEM, and comes back to the mic
Friend: and starts to like, get in brian's face
Friend: being all "what the fuck man, trying to FIGHT WITH HIM"
Michelle: hahahah
Michelle: LORD
Friend: until finally, his people come out on stage and drag him off
Friend: isn't that insane?

Hmm. To answer that question, let's take a look at this picture:

One of these guys in out of his fucking mind. The other has multi-colored Boomwhackers coming out of his head and ass. Any questions?

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