Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Recently, I have been overcome with an obsession that is hard to describe. An obsession that causes such a stir of bittersweet sadness and heart-splosioning adorablosity that the dormant schizophrenia I've convinced myself I'm riddled with almost starts to seep out of my brain cracks. An obsession that spurred one friend to call me "deranged". An obsession of animals in casts.

Call it a fetish. But take any animal, no matter how matted its fur, no matter how walled its eyes, no matter how "rabinous" it's "central nervous system", and put that tiny effer in a bandage, preferably brightly colored, and the next thing you know you'll be tearing off your bra and nursing that little sucker back to health with the Pabst Blue Ribbon that slowly leaks out of your teat. Call me a nurterer. It's just in my genes I guess.

So, what I'd like to present to you is a post that I believe will circle the globe 10 times over. 50 Animals In Casts. If you think Google Image Searching this bastard was easy, think again. I was like Tracy Gold on Oprah, i.e. bawling, sorrowful, and completely without appetite. Oh, and I've also included 3 bonus animals (unharmed) for your pleasure.

Alright. Starting off small. Feline premie. NBD.

A cat's paw after the cast was removed!

Really, my eyes are sore from all the pain. I'm gonna go lay down for a few minutes.

UPDATE: Consider this picture the "American Samoa" of this list, i.e., "51st Animal in a Cast":

thanks Stacie C.!

And because America wants it... bonus pics!:

This little guy was stepped on by an adult!

Aww... last 5 pics are of Millhouse, a chihuahua/pug mix. See his story here. :(!

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