Friday, February 10, 2006

More Anger-Fueled Rants Next Week!

I just got an e-mail accusing me of putting up too many "cute" things.

Well forgive me. It's probably been too long since I've seen a gut-wrenching Holocaust documentary or spoken to my parents.

More blood-stained rants to return soon!! And you know what I've discovered? Putting up cute things is easy. Writing a hate-filled diatribe about "people on the train" or "people in the mall" or "people who fart in your face on the train while carrying bags from the mall"? Not as easy. My apologies. Pee-Pee-Ass, As a warning, expect TONS of Olympic coverage in the coming weeks. No need to Tom Hanks me. Lawrence Welk in advance.

Looking forward to it,

Apathy Griffin

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