Monday, July 26, 2004

All The Chubbies in the House Say Glut

Believe it or not, there are some things so tasteless even I won't blog about them.

This item walked that very line, but like an obese man on a tightrope, lost its balance, and here it is.

Italy held their annual Ms. Chubby contest this week, and crowned its winner with a tiara made from sausage links and Sno-Caps. Giovanna Guidoni, weighing in at 416 pounds, literally took the cake, becoming 2004's official Miss Cicciona (which translates to "Uch, God. No, Really, I Feel Sick.")

Fat jokes aside (of beef), did you know that there are forums online promoting anorexia? Pro-Ana sites are springing up all over the net, instructing girls on how not to eat, what diets really keep your weight below 85 pounds, and listings for upcoming auditions. Also of note, this twig, this wall, and flies fucking. Somehow all more interesting than anorexics.

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