Tuesday, July 27, 2004

My Celebrity Lineage

This morning brought on a grand discovery, a website called Who's My Daddy, where the famous lineage of many popular celebrities is exposed, thusby negating their so-called "talent" and allowing us to wallow in the pleasure of their undeserved fame.

Well, I'm not one to brag, but if offering up my own celebrity lineage increases my chance at fame, then I guess I'm left with no other choice.

So here it is. I am the child of Julie Newmar and Bootsy Collins. It's true. Not many people are aware of their brief but fruitful romance. I am all too aware. Their fame cloaks me in a shadow of doubt: Do I deserve this wealth? This mansion, this champagne fountain, paid by three parts soul, one part funk and a couple of catwoman costumes? Who are my real friends? Do they like me for me, or are they just out for some of my Bootsy-licious fortune and fame?

Point being, if any of you casting directors or literary agents out there want to get your hands on some priceless pop-culture DNA, please contact me.

[Link via Gawker via Chicha]

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