Sunday, January 09, 2005

Wi Fi-ght It?

A still taken from Gremlins 3, starring Jack Palance.

This morning I woke up and decided it was a perfect day to get cozy in a Starbucks and catch up on some office work that's been laying around. So, I set out of the house (puffy-eyed, hungover, and unkempt), laptop in tow, bucksing for a StarJones latte and an intense work session.

Little did I know this excursion of mine would completely rob me of my money and dignity. It began with a $5 latte, a planned expense. But in order to sign on-line, their T-Mobile Wi Fi service required a password, which'll cost you $9.95 for the day. People, that's like 400 Ramens from Rite Aid, sustenance that would keep me full and water-retained for up to a week. So, I said "Nah, don't do it, Michelle... Work!" Which I did, for about an hour.

Then I said "Wi Fi-ght it?", plunked down 10 dollars to check my EMPTY e-mail inbox (hint hint!), read up on the top stories, and got the fat and skinny on 2004's top movies.

Hence this post, the only "worthwhile" thing I've done on the web, cost me a cool 10 dollars... officially making it the most expensive post ever!

So, if any of you are in a Starbucks, and notice a girl with her pockets inside out, peering tearily into an empty coffee cup, while a tiny rain cloud above her head rains down self-pity and sinus pain, stop by, say hello, and give a care.


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Or is that just the latte working its magic?

An Upset Stomach

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