Thursday, April 28, 2005

Advice for a "Friend"

But seriously. A friend of mine has a day job. And at this day job works a man who comes here from another country. Without giving too much away, this is a very overpopulated country, where women wear red dots on their forehead, and where you call when you need help with your computer. People from this country have probably driven you around New York, and tend to overall be a very nice and intelligent group of folks.

Now, this man who hails from this country is in America for a few months working in the Financial District with said friend. My friend tells me she has to go to the movies tonight with him, but feels a little awkward about it... AS HE IS MARRIED WITH A CHILD. Yes. Married, with a child, both of whom are still in India. It should also be mentioned that my friend has a boyfriend who is overseas as well, and let's just say he's woodenly shoed.

So no harm, you're thinking. The guy needs some friends! He's all alone in the U.S., homesick for India! Let your friend show him a time.

My friend just forwarded me an e-mail he sent her. Take a look, a good hard look at this, but not too long because you will surely kill yourself. Take a look, and then tell me if you think she should go out to the movies with this man.

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