Thursday, April 21, 2005

If I Were British, This Would Be Twice as Funny

Here's an article that, while already one of the funniest things I've ever seen, knowing the 8,000 nickmanes Brits have for sausage would no doubt have heightened the hysterics. Seriously, sausage must be to you people what snow is to the Eskimos. Yet another notch in the "Pro" column re: why I need to move to London.

Fine, so a guy got his nose broken when a frozen sausage flew into his car and hit him in the face. But leave it to one of England's most esteemed rags, the Sun, to have reporter "Frank Furter" get to the bottom of the situation. The British police HAD to be shitting their pants laughing during the "line-up." But c'mon: Mike Fryson? Terrible.

Also, check out the "sausage victim", John Hatfield.... Guuuurrrrrl, you KNOW I'd be his sausage victim any day of the week!!

Add a little salt to my bangers and mash, you knooooooow!!

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