Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tanorexia Nervosa

I was just alerted to a genius scheme here in New York. Most tanning salons have a referral policy where for every person you refer to their solari beds you get a free tanning session in exchange. The bonus is that your friend's first tan is always free. The concept being that, like cancer-ridden crackrock, one tan will lead to many, many more tans, leading to your typical tanorexic.

But not me. No, I'll go in once, once every coupla months, just to get that rosy hue that is so becoming on a young lady like myself. Yup, just a glow. I will be sittin' prettay.

One such location is Sun Spot Tan NYC, which is having a Grand Opening special of one free tan, no strings attached. And you know it's good when they name the joint after melanoma. Although I hear they do a much more thorough job at Big Red Mole in Boston.

In an unrelated non-news story, I bring you Separated at Nobody Cares At All:

Former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth and Star Trek Voyager's Robert Picardo (no relation to Ricky Picardo).

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