Monday, April 11, 2005

Kevin and Hell

My morning laughter, as usual, courtesy of the New York Post. In its entirety:
April 11, 2005 -- KEVIN Bacon admits having a distaste for his porcine last name because it's "a target for bad food puns," he tells Webster Hall curator Baird Jones. "I think the most memorable was when I was in 'The River Wild' with Meryl Streep and we had a premiere in Libby, Mont., and there was this one burger house that put on its marquee their 'movie star special,' which was a burger with 'Two Streeps of Bacon.' Every time one of my films comes out, I have to read 'sizzling bacon' or 'he's sure bringing home the bacon.' People come up to me and ask me if I made up my last name . . .Believe me, I would have never made up my last name."

Although I have to admit, the Post's headlines have been really sucking in the pun department... C'mon, the Pope passed away! And nary a pun run through its pages?! Where's the "No Pope for the Future"... "At the End of Our Pope"... Something! Ver, ver disappointed.

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