Friday, April 08, 2005

Morning Exchange

The Pope: A big fan of this very blog.

Here's a sample of a conversation I had this morning with one of about a dozen office Looney Bin Ladens:

Maniac-Face: (hacking) I woke up at 3 to watch the Pope's funeral.

Me: Oh yeah? How was it?

Maniac-Face: How was it? (Hack.) It was a funeral? What do you mean, how was it? I mean, it meant something to me, because I'm Catholic. So I was very upset. Very moved, you know, cause I'm a Catholic, so I would be. I don't think you missed anything though.

Me: That sounds great.

Of course, I was offended by the insinuation that because I wasn't Catholic, I wouldn't be moved by his death. Did the Pope care about my religion when I sat for 19 hours baking in his Palm Sunday sermon of 2001? No, he didn't. Or when I was 5, and waited on Brickell Avenue for him with my parents, catching a brief glimpse of him in his bullet-proof Popemobile? Again, he didn't. Or when I go to pro-condom marches, did the Pope ask if I was Catholic then? OK, off-topic, but still. I loved that Pope! Not to mention, what a celebate-looker!

I goooooootttaaaaaa take it easy. Cold rinse with a hose, anyone?

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