Tuesday, April 19, 2005

One Liners

- Yesterday was Diddy Day... Did my minions remember to celebrate? No? That's OK, neither did Diddy.

You'd think I was the only one who remembered.

Related: I found the results of my Google Image search of Gangsta Bitch fascinating and unexpected.

- Dork in the Road: The actual headline for this real news article is Dork Street Likely Named After Some Dork.

Well it's about time this guy got some recognition.

No word if Segal Avenue is named after some fake Native American maniac-face murderer*.

*Subject to speculation.

- In this extremely concise post, the man who played the Oscar Mayer Wiener mascot has passed away at the ripe old age of 82 . Family members say he will finally live out his dream of wishing "he was an Oscar Mayer Wiener."

Look for his remains in supermarkets near you.

- Finally, to put everyone at ease, here's a description of that mystery animal that moved so many of you to e-mail me.


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